Skate From My Heart December 01 2016

Today is Day 15 and the halfway point of the Whole30.  YAY!!  The most challenging part was not surviving Thanksgiving without stuffing my face with lots of pie. It has been to sit with and allow very strong waves of emotions to roll through me.  Sometimes, it feels more like I am drowning in an ocean of rage or grief.  I now know that it is a temporary state and I am not going to die.  This may seem like an overstatement, but the trauma response actually prepares a person for death.  With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the brain is stuck or triggered back into this state.

God has brought to mind something that I had read years ago about an Olympic speed skater and how he learned to cope with the final laps of this grueling sport.  He said that a breakthrough came when he began skating from his heart instead of his pained body.  I can definitely relate to what he is saying and am "stealing" it.  My new mantra of "Skate From My Heart" fits beautifully with the motto for my family.. "Live in Love, Walk in Freedom, Be at Peace".

#teachingamy is learning to skate from her heart while doing the Whole30.