A Rough Night!?! Try REV Kombucha with Guayusa Tea July 20 2016

I typically get between 8-12 hours of sleep.  I was sleep deprived for many years and a good night's sleep helps keep my physical PTSD symptoms low.  I was really dreading doing deliveries today with a restless, frustrating night of only 1.5 hours of sleep.  While traversing Boulder County, I drank coffee, water, and REV Kombucha.  Of all three, the REV made me feel as good as I possibly could under the circumstances.  I didn't even get jittery or get a migraine!  Chef Bri said that it was the fermented Guayusa tea that was the most beneficial.  Click to read more about Guayusa tea.

I highly recommend trying Kombucha to recover (from anything).  I was able to skip the unhealthy, but my easy go-to energy drink Peach Monster Rehab Tea.  YAY!!

REV Blueberry Lemonade Kombucha with fermented Oolong and Guayusa Tea

REV Blueberry Lemonade is energizing, combining the taste of organic blueberries with lemon, smokey chipotle, salt, sugar, hibiscus, Oolong, green and Guayusa tea. Guayusa contains 50% more antioxidants than green tea and has been shown to boost the immune system, has anti inflammatory properties and promote a healthy heart.