Redefining Everything July 02 2017

"How long does it take to redefine everything?"  A rhetorical question I posed to my domestic violence counselor.  I already knew the answer, "A long time."  In my humble opinion, there are many folks walking around with "trauma brain" that don't realize it or maybe don't know what to do about it.  They may need reframe "everything" or, at least, "something".

The good news is that in redefining "everything" (or "something") the physical and psychological pain are transformed into joy and freedom.  I have found that the keys to progress are curiosity, tenacity, and forgiveness.  

I fail A LOT.  My recent quest of eating 60 days on the Whole30 diet ended on day 33.  I am not ready to return to another attempt due to financial reasons.  I am able to control my portions along with intermittent fasting (8p-1p daily).  I am keeping it simple to positively affect and encourage my recovery.  My new goal is to focus on this method of eating until my birthday (November 16th).