My Tool Bag and Resourcing June 24 2016

With each Jeep repair comes the necessity to purchase more tools.  I get pretty sentimental about my tools even when I purchase the wrong ones.  The feeling of empowerment from fixing my own car only compares to giving natural child birth to my three girls.  At these moments, "I AM Wonder Woman!"  This week was filled with giant pendulum swings between highs and lows.  Totally exhausting!  During the lows, the thought comes to me that I don't deserve to feel good.  I believe that God designed me to experience good things.  Real healing is possible for my PTSD brain.  Resourcing is a terrific tool (in my bag of skills) that helps me utilize my imagination to engage different parts of my brain.  The brain doesn't go into shut down mode and can make choices, even micro-choices.  Using this tool, I can stop the pendulum by visualizing a thousand people stopping its swing and find some relief and peace. 

#teachingamy continues to add to her tool bag to aid in her recovery from ptsd

In previous blog posts, I have discussed other forms of resourcing such as eating our amazing real food and watching the show Friends.