Happy Independence Day! July 04 2016

As we all celebrate the fourth of July, I marvel at the difficulties of living in a resilient yet fragile free society.  Independence from an abusive government (or person(s)) provides the greatest opportunity for recourse, correction, and justice.  This is important to remember nationally, locally, and personally.  240 years ago our colonies declared their independence from Great Britain.  Be encouraged to claim your collective and individual independence today!  NPR's annual tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence continues.  I hope that you are able to take the next 9 minutes to listen it.  Here is the text if you prefer to read it.

The Bennington Flag for July 4th Celebrations

On a personal note, I enjoy flying the Gadsden Flag and Liberty Flag to declare my independence from an abusive spouse and against tyranny.  Do you want to fly a Revolutionary Era flag that means more to you?

Gadsden Flag Don't Tread on MeLiberty Flag flown for the July 4th celebration