Day 88 - Pressure Point July 26 2015

I woke up to a beast of a ‪#‎migraine‬. I had obviously been clenching or grinding my teeth through the night. I learned a new pressure point for relief from the article below.

A few tricks I have learned over the years to relieve jaw tension includes putting my tongue between my teeth. The body is designed to not bite through the tongue intentionally. This relieves the muscles and reprograms the neuro pathways to not clench. Another trick is to massage a nerve bundle inside the mouth to release tension. 1) run the index finger along the inside of the cheek until it hits the tissue that connects the bottom row of teeth and the top row 2) close my mouth slightly 3) apply pressure 10 times for 10 seconds at a time 4) repeat on the other side of the mouth. For me it hurts like the dickens, but it does relieve tension. Also, it is better to do with short nails.