Day 69 - Shakespeare July 07 2015

Over the past couple of years, the word "dignity" has meant a lot to me. I have, with God's guidance, been bringing dignity into the lives of me and my girls. We attended Much Ado About Nothing recently at the Colorado ‪#‎Shakespeare‬ Festival at CU. He uses the word "virtue" seven times. I have been thinking about that word ever since.

"From the Latin word vir, meaning “man,” the Romans formed the word virtus to describe such so-called “manly” qualities as firmness of purpose and courage. Gradually this word was used for any good qualities in males or females. The English word virtue came by way of French from Latin virtus." ~ Word History of VIRTUE from Merriam-Webster online

The "firmness of purpose and courage" really speaks to me. Dignity and virtue are a good pair as my family recreates our lives.