Day 125 - Don't Get Cocky September 02 2015

Day 125... As I left the kitchen to make deliveries today, I proclaimed, "I am going to make the impossible happen!" Ugh! Those words were so true!

As I drove through the first turn of my route, one of the coolers flew out the back passanger door smashing into the curb. I could hear Harrison Ford (Star Wars Episode IV) shout, "Don't get cocky kid!" All I could think about was all the hard work that was wasted... The farmers, the chefs, the nutritious ‪#‎realfood‬, the packaging, the man hours, all gone because i didn't close the door.

Boss Lady showed up to help and started laughing at a flattened brownie tin. When we returned to headquarters, the ‪#‎b2bkitchen‬ team gathered around the table as if treating a patient in triage and pulled off an amazing save. I gathered myself while they miraculously resupplied each item except for one.

No one was angry with me or criticized me. We all understood what had been lost. This generosity and kindness of spirit is the Back to Basics Kitchen Culture. This is what you taste in the food. It is love.