Day 127- Moving Forward September 04 2015

Amy's Bible

Day 127... The first item I brought to our new home is my Bible. It is an inexpensive hardcover (less than $10). I received it as a Christmas gift from the Grubb Family in 1986. I was a lost teen and had found a Savior.

Circa 1996, the book was generously and lovingly upgraded by Bob Inge, an expert preservationists. He sewed the once glued pages together, bound it in leather replacing the cardboard cover, and added my name in fancy golf letters.

It has my notes, thoughts, names of people, prayer requests, highlighted verses, questions, hymn lyrics, & journal entries. Stuffed between the pages are funeral notices, letters, pictures, and keepsakes. I keep a bookmark as a remembrance from an abusive marriage that Jesus was and has been with me every step along the way.

I moved my Bible in first knowing that God will never leave me or my girls. Just as He promised.