Crankshaft Position Sensor June 10 2016

I am finishing the replacement of my Jeep's crankshaft position sensor.  When decelerating, the engine would cut off.  Evidently, the sensor wasn't letting the Jeep know it still needed to run.  It's funny how the work I do on my Jeep typically mirrors my personal recovery from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I am, also, finishing an intensive 12 week counseling series.  I have been learning more about how to regulate my life so I don't shut down.  Just like working on the Jeep, retraining my nervous system takes time, patience, hard work, persistence, creativity, curiosity, deep breathing, help, encouragement, and prayer.  After so many years of neglect and abuse, there is nothing like the satisfaction of actively taking care of myself and the Jeep. 

#teachingamy removing her Jeep's Crankshaft Position Sensor