High 5! May 15 2016

My youngest daughter (a 9 year old) gave me a high five for keeping a clean sink all morning.  (Yes, we are still eating.)  I know this is a common challenge no matter the household or number of kids.  Personally, this is a milestone for me and my girls.  There are many triggers collectively and individually intertwined throughout our living area.  In-home counseling has been helping me reclaim my living space through rewiring my nervous system.  There's less and less anxiety associated with the kitchen.  I am washing dishes simply because I want to have clean dishes.  High 5!

#teachingamy's clean sink is reason to celebrate

P.S. Back to Basics Kitchen's prepared real food allows me to use fewer dishes than creating one each evening. Typically, all I have to do is heat up dinner.  Another, High 5!