Healing Fueled by The Coffee Ride April 27 2016

An in-home counselor observed that I am continuing the habit of occupying a very small area within my own home which is leftover from my marriage.  Each week, I am gradually increasing my evening footprint.  Reclaiming ownership of my space starts each night with prepping the coffee maker, and it is really helping. 

I've been blessed with getting to know Josh Crane, the owner of The Coffee Ride. 

As I prepared the coffee tonight, I felt his kindness and encouragement come through his quality roasted beans.  His care for his product and his customers is just as important to fueling my recovery as the evening text exchanges with my aunt which help me to stay on task each night.  I am grateful for real food, real coffee, and real relationships.

The Coffee Ride roasted beans available through Back to Basics Kitchen in Broomfield, CO