Beloved - AS IS March 28 2016

I confess that I am the heaviest I have ever been (even including three pregnancies). It's been interesting to observe myself throughout this weight gain.  I know my metabolism is recovering (along with the rest of me).  There's, also, the reality that I am in my 40's and foods are affecting me differently.  Curiously and happily, I have been able to fully accept myself -  AS IS.  After all, my kids, family, friends, and Creator love me AS IS.  Why shouldn't I?  The extra weight feels like a security blanket.  I am aware that this isn't necessarily the healthiest view of my body, but I am not scared or fearful of my size.  I have been overweight and I've been strong and fit.  I do prefer feeling secure through strength.  I'm not worried about getting back in shape.  I am an athlete.  This part of my healing journey is pretty damn exciting ~ to simply explore being ME, AS IS.