Day 63 - Freedom July 01 2015

F-r-e-e-d-o-m! The effects of eating ‪#‎realfood‬...

Wednesdays are typically a 16 hour workday for me. I really miss my girls on these days. Tonight, I texted them, "Let's go to Sonic and get a shake tonight. Be ready to go!" One of the reasons that I chose Sonic is that the service is poor. (I mean, the marque reads, "Now Hiring All Shifts.") The other reason is the shakes are half off. With poor service, comes a long wait in the drive thru which means that I we all have each others undivided attention. It was glorious! I didn't feel guilty for one damn moment (FREEDOM) while slurping down a peanut butter, snickers shake hanging out with my girls. They are glorious!

Sonic Shakes were rewarding and freeing while spending time with my girls.