Aperio! (Open! ~ A Harry Potter Spell) March 16 2016

When I am in the kitchen, Chef Bri asks me to open containers.  I was lamenting how sore I was from starting to workout at TwinFreaks Crossfit.  As the Marine's say, "Pain is weakness leaving your body."  (A LOT of weakness is leaving me.)  When it opened, we gave a hilariously gleeful response. 

I am wearing a Hogwarts hoodie from my family's trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.  I bought this hoodie to remind me that dreams come true, even by "accident".  About two years ago, we saw a commercial for Harry Potter and made it a goal to go one day.  I had not factored attractions into our agenda.  It was a total surprise to even have had this opportunity.  What a magical experience for the girls!  ...and for me. 

Apparently, Aperio! is a powerful spell.  It even opened my smile, nice and big!

#teachingamy opening a jar with a Harry Potter spell